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Ten years of experience in creating IT training and learning materials for international companies.

We designed more than one hundred courses and guides for new IT products before their official delivery to the market.

IT equipment: Both hardware and software
Audience: Internal support teams or customers

Many development tools, content formats, and learning concepts to choose from

  • Instructor-led courses
    A subject matter expert for the product guides students through the learning materials and exercises.

  • Self-paced and online courses
    Students learn at their own pace using the internet to access course materials or equipment and complete the lessons whenever it is convenient for them.

  • User guides and manuals
    Detailed instructions on how to use a product and perform every supported task.

  • Interactive tutorials
    Lessons that let students practice interactively and learn by performing activities or quizzes, which help them to better understand the material.

  • Hands-on exercises
    Practical tasks to learn and gain experience, for example, by directly working with the products or their simulations.

  • Step-by-step guides
    Instructions on how to do something by breaking down a complex task into smaller, easier to follow steps.

  • Presentation materials
    Materials used to show and explain products to the audience. These might include slides, graphs, pictures, animations, or videos to make the information clearer and more interesting.

  • Exams and certifications
    Tests that assess students’ knowledge and skills, which might include certificates to show the level of proficiency achieved in a subject or skill.

IT Classroom